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  • Your first year of medical education at the Carver College of Medicine

  • During orientation week, the Carver College of Medicine welcomes incoming medical and physician assistant students to campus. These new students participate in various orientation activities such as meeting new classmates, exploring student interest groups, and becoming a member of one of the college’s four learning communities. Orientation activities build a supportive foundation for learning while increasing awareness of the various resources available to students as they prepare for their exciting journey ahead in Iowa’s New Horizons Medical Curriculum.

    The New Horizons Medical Curriculum, developed with the three core values of innovation, integration and individualization, has been designed to guide students along a path from student to physician and beyond. The curriculum was implemented to align with the college’s aspiration to provide leading medical education as well as reinforce its ongoing commitment to students.

    The Carver College of Medicine aspires to be a world leader in medical education, graduating physicians who are compassionate and committed to the delivery of holistic patient care; to curiosity and discovery; to life-long learning; and to improving societal well-being.

    It commits to provide each student with a unique, personalized medical education that features a seamlessly integrated mechanism-based curriculum in a highly supportive environment that includes nurturing peer-based learning communities.

    Students are assured individualized experiences that enable them to identify and develop their strengths, and to prepare them to pursue their passions.

    New students are invited to learn more about what to expect during their first year at the Carver College of Medicine as they begin their path through the New Horizons Curriculum by viewing the video above.