Office of Research

  • Carver Trust Medical Research Initiative Grants

    2012 Awardees

    Wold, Marc

    Split-fusion expression of SUMOylated Replication Protein A

    Marc Wold, PhD
    Professor of Biochemistry

    Bartlett, Heather

    Misregulation of Mutant Actin by Formin and Profilin

    Heather Bartlett, MD
    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

    Clegg, Steven

    Bacterial biofilm formation and growth in catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs)

    Steven Clegg, PhD
    Professor of Microbiology

    Lee, Fang

    The role of S1pr2/Gα13-dependent endoderm morphogenesis in myocardial migration

    Fang Lin, MD, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology

     Steven Varga, PhD

    Establishing a respiratory virus co-infection model

    Steven Varga, PhD
    Associate Professor of Microbiology