Office of Research

  • Carver Trust Medical Research Initiative Grants

    2009 Awards

    Max Baker, PhD

    Novel anticonvulsant hydroxy trifluoroethyl phenolic compounds

    Max Baker, PhD
    Associate Proffesor of Anesthesia

    Daniel Bonthius, MD, PhD

    Protective effect of rolipram against alcohol toxicity in the developing brain

    Daniel Bonthius, MD, PhD
    Professor of Pediatrics

    Bahri Karacay, PhD
    Associate Research Scientist, Pediatrics

    Toshihiro Kitamoto, PhD

    Function and regulation of the lithium-inducible SLC6 transporter

    Toshihiro Kitamoto, PhD
    Associate Professor of Anesthesia

    Thomas Rutkowski, PhD

    The role of the endoplasmic reticulum stress response in hepatitus C-induced steatosis

    David Rutkowski, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology