• Innovation and Impact

    LightbulbThe University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine actively brings innovative technologies, ideas, and procedures to the marketplace. The intellectual property and laboratory discoveries generated by the research enterprise have led to many successful partnerships, both private and public, as well as several venture opportunities and commercial start-ups.

    The pursuit of innovation by college researchers continues to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving live science sector, including significant contributions to the fields of diagnostic imaging, drug development and delivery, and genetically inherited diseases. In fact, over the past several decades, the Carver College of Medicine has fostered the launch of 25 new commercial start-ups—four alone in 2013—based on research and/or technology developed by college faculty, staff, and students. Also, the Carver College of Medicine is responsible for 223 active domestic and 222 active foreign patents.

    Though the Carver College of Medicine remains focused on building the research and technology base here in Iowa, the college's impact is global.  

    Innovations Disclosed

    FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13
    40 43 55 64 71

    Innovations Optioned or Licensed

    15 29
    20 26

    U.S. Patents

      FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13
    Applications Filed 44 40 47 50 66
    Patents Received 15 22 20 27 16

    Innovation Financing (millions)

    FY10 FY11* FY12* CY12* CY13**
    $15 $32 $39 $11 $25

    Innovation financing includes state funding, research grants, competitions, small business innovation research and small business technology transfer funding, seed/angel funding, as well as series A, B, and C funding. *2012 to present are reported by calendar year rather fiscal year. FY12 figures include funding from January to July 2012. CY12 figures only include funding from July-December 2012. **CY13 figures include funding from January to September 2013.