• Distinguished Biomedical Scholars Lecture Series

    Previous Speakers


    • Alvin Roth, PhD
      2012 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics
      Stanford University
      "Market Design and Medical Marketplaces" 
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    • Gail Mandel, PhD
      HHMI and Oregon Health and Science University
      "Repressor Mechanisms and Pathways to Disease
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    • Keith Yamamoto, PhD
      University of California San Francisco
      "Molecular Signal Processing: From a Steroid Hormone, to Transcriptional Regulatory Networks, to Physiology and Disease, and Back" 
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      "A NextGen Science Enterprise to Move Beyond the Inflection Point"
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    • Angelika Amon, PhD
      HHMI and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      "The Causes and Consequences of Aneuploidy"


    • Steven McKnight, PhD
      University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
      "A Solid State Conceptualization of Information Transfer from Gene to Message to Protein"
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    • Ardem Patapoutian, PhD
      The Scripps Research Institute and Novartis Research Foundation
      "How Do You Feel? Ion Channels Involved in Sensing Mechanical Force"
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    • Evan Eichler, PhD
      HHMI and University of Washington
      "Autism: New Mutations, Genes and Pathways Indentify Subtypes"
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    • Marc Montminy, MD, PhD
      Salk Institute for Biological Studies
      "Can You Hear Me Now? Role of the CREB Pathway in Glucose Metabolism"
    • Eric Olson, PhD
      University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
      "The Molecular Pathways of Muscle Development, Disease and Regeneration"
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    • Stanley Hazen, MD, PhD
      Cleveland Clinic
      "Gut Microbes as a Participant in and Therapteutic Targe for Cardiometabolic Diseases"


    • Charles Esmon, PhD
      Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
      "The role of the protein C pathway and histones in the control of coagulation and inflammation"
    • Kristi Anseth, PhD
      University of Colorado Boulder
      "Hydrogels as Mimics of the Extracellular Matrix: Applications in Cell Biology and Tissue Regeneration"
    • Beth Levine, MD
      University Texas Southwestern Medical Center
      "Autophagy: Regulation, Physiological Functions, and Roles in Disease"
    • Carolyn Bertozzi, PhD
      University of California Berkeley
      "Bioorthogonal Chemistry: From Mechanism to Chemistry"
    • Samuel Silverstein, MD
      Columbia University
      "A critical Concentration of effector leukocytes is required to produce sterilizing immunity vs. bacterial and viral infection and cancer"
    • David Perlmutter, MD
      University of Pittsburgh
      "The Role of Autophagy in Diseases Caused by Misfolded Proteins: Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency as Prototype"


    • Gregory Petsko, DPhil
      Weill Cornell Medical College
      "Specific Inhibition of Alpha-Synuclein Aggregation as a Therapeutic Strategy for Parkinson's Disease"
    • James N. Weinstein, DO, MS
      Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Care System
      Lebanon Spine Center
      "Creating a Sustainable Health Care System: Are You Ready?"
    • Susan Dymecki, MD, PhD
      Harvard Medical School
      "Toward Decoding the Brain Serotonergic System: Intersectional Genetics and Functional Probing"
    • Helen H. Hobbs, MD
      University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
      "Nature, Nurture and Fatty Liver Disease"
    • Stuart A. Lipton, MD, PhD
      Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute
      "Protein S-Nitrosylation, Redox Stress and NMDA Receptors in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases"


    • C. Ronald Kahn, MD
      Harvard University
      "Role of Diabetes in Control of Brain Cholesterol Metabolism and Function"
    • David E. Clapham, MD, PhD
      Harvard University
      "Novel Ion Channels"
    • Jay C. Dunlap, PhD
      Dartmouth University
      "Genetic and Molecular Dissection of a Simple Circadian System"
    • Beverly S. Mitchell, MD
      Stanford University
      "Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes Revisted: Therapeutic Implications"
    • Michael Good, MBBS, PhD, MD, DSc
      Griffith University
      "The Long Road to a Malaria Vaccine"
    • Stephen M. Strittmatter, MD, PhD
      Yale University
      "Cell Surface Interactions during Neurodegeneration and Neural Repair"


    • Peter C. Doherty, PhD
      University of Melbourne, Australia
      "Killer Viruses & Killer T-Cells"
    • Nathaniel Heintz, PhD
      The Rockefeller University
      "Genetic Dissection of the Mouse Nervous System: Toward a 21st Century Brain Pharmacology"
    • Erin O'Shea, PhD
      Harvard University
      "Oscillations and Entrainment in a Three-Protein Circadian Clock"
    • Toren Finkel, MD, PhD
      National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
      "Oxidants, Metabolism & Stem Cell Biology"
    • Fred H. Gage, PhD
      Salk Institute for Biological Studies
      "Neuroplasticity & Neurodiversity"
    • Harald zur Hausen, MD, DSc, MDs
      German Cancer Research Centre
      2008 Nobel Prize Recipient in Physiology or Medicine
      "Perspectives of Tumorvirus Research"


    • Randy N. Rosier, MD, PhD
      University of Rochester
      "Translational Research Journeys: From Bedside to the Bench in Skeletal Repair and Arthritis"
    • E. Peter Greenberg, PhD
      University of Washington
      "The Social Life of Bacteria"
    • Pietro DeCamilli, MD
      Yale University
      "Moelcular Mechanisms of Endocytosis"
    • C. David Allis, PhD
      The Rockefeller University
      "Beyond the Double Helix: Reading and Writing the Histone Code"
    • I. Sadaf Farooqi, PhD, FRCP
      University of Cambridge
      "Genetic, Molecular & Physiological Mechanisms Involved in Human Obesity"
    • Harry "Hal" Dietz, MD
      Johns Hopkins University
      "Marfan Syndrome & Related Disorders: From Molecules to Medicines"
    • Deepak Srivistava, MD
      University of California, San Francisco
      "Genetics and Stem Cell Biology in Heart Disease"
    • Hollis "Holly" Cline, PhD
      Scripps Research Institute
      "Building Brain Circuits"