Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science

  • DPT Program Expenses & Financial Aid

    Tuition & Fees Per Semester (2016-17 Fee Schedule)

     Residency Status


     University Fees

    Resident of Iowa



    Non-resident of Iowa    



    Total Tuition & Fees for DPT Program (2016-17 Fee Schedule):
    $58,041.50    Resident of Iowa
    $113,026.50  Nonresident of Iowa

    Other Expenses

     Supply  Cost
    Books ~$1,200-$1,500
    Laptop Computer ~$1,900
    Equipment and Supplies ~$300
    Criminal Background Check (through PTCAS) $72
    Gross Anatomy Laboratory Users Fee $500
    Neuroanatomy Laboratory User Fee $50

    Housing (approximate cost per month)

     Housing Type  Cost
    Off-campus Housing - 1 bedroom $600
    Off-campus Housing - 2 bedroom $695
    University Family Housing - 1 bedroom $418
    University Family Housing - 2 bedroom $545


    Health Insurance

    Students are required to have health insurance.

    Advance Payment

    A $600 advance payment is required if admitted into the DPT Program. This fee is non refundable.

    Financial Aid

    Major sources of support for students include parental assistance, accumulated savings, the income of working spouses, part-time jobs, financial aid, scholarships, and loans.

    The department has 12+ $1,000 scholarships to award annually.  The funds for these scholarships are through memorials and contributions to the department from alumni. 

    Eligible students may receive Federal Direct Student Loans, Federal Perkins Loans, and Work-Study awards. Interest on the loans accrues at a comparatively low rate and the loans are repayable over an extended period of time after you complete your course of study.

    Specific information about the application process for various forms of non-departmental financial aid may be obtained from the Office of Student Financial Aid, 208 Calvin Hall, 319/335-1450,

    Graduate Opportunity Assistance

    The Graduate College provides counseling services to students from U.S. minority groups: American Indian or Alaskan Native, African American, Hispanic/Latino(a), Asian, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander. For further information call or write the Graduate College, 205 Gilmore Hall, 319/335-2144.