Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science

  • Neuromuscular Biomechanics Laboratory

    Neuromuscular Lab 


    The Neuromuscular Biomechanics Laboratory is a newly renovated space (~600gsf) aimed at studying neuromuscular (e.g. muscle activation strategies, EMG, reflex responses) and biomechanical (e.g. motion and force production) aspects of human movement. Major equipment includes:

    • Biodex System # with Researcher's Toolkit
    • 16 channel Bagnoli-16 (Delsys, Inc.) surface EMG
    • Digitimer DS7A stimulator
    • 100 Hz digital camera (Basler A602f)
    • Infusion pump
    • pH meter
    • Somedic Pressure Pain Algometer
    • Labview, Matlab, and MaxTraq 2D software packages
    • Dell Precision Workstation, with dual SATA hard-drives (RAID configured)
    • National Instruments M-series DAQ
    • Dell Latitude 600 laptop
    • National Instruments E-series DAQcard for portable EMG