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Robinson offers comments and analysis of study

Robert Robinson, MD, professor of psychiatry, offers comments and analysis of a traumatic brain injury study in the Chicago Tribune.

UI senior takes great interest in Huntington's disease

Ozaukee Press takes a look at UI senior's interest in Huntington's disease.

School District Boosts Its Health Services

Iowa City Press Citizen reports on University of Iowa-based mental health professionals who offer assessment, treatment and prescriptions in the same office where physical health services take place.

Study by Fiedorowicz Finds Summer Highs, Winter Lows for Bipolar Disorder Patients

medwireNews covers University of Iowa research led by Jess Fiedorowicz, MD, PhD, on seasonal effects on depressive symptoms in patients with bipolar disorder.

Study Finds Best Friends Influence When Teenagers Have First Drink

Radio Iowa reports on a national study led by University of Iowa researchers that found kids who get their first drink from a friend are more likely to drink sooner in life.

Wemmie and Team Discover an Internal Trigger for Panic Attack in the Previously Fearless

John Wemmie, MD, PhD, associate professor of psychiatry, and team discuss their recent study that proves the amygdala is not the only gatekeeper of fear in the human mind in the New York Times.

McWilliams and Flaum Comment on the Shortage of Child Psychiatrists in Iowa

Jennifer McWilliams, MD, clinical assistant professor of psychiatry, and Michael Flaum, MD, clinical professor of psychiatry, comment on Iowa's struggle to keep up with an increasing demand for mental...

Fiedorowicz Comments on Stroke Risk in Distressed Seniors

Jess Fiedorowicz, MD, PhD, professor of psychiatry, internal medicine and epidemiology, comments on new research about stroke risk in distressed seniors.

Potash Comments on How Gender Stereotype Warp Our View of Depression

James Potash, MD, MPH, professor and head of psychiatry, comments on how stereotypes about male and female roles may influence the way we perceive depressed people.

Wassink Discusses New Findings About Illness in Pregnancy and Autism

Thomas Wassink, MD, discusses new findings about illness in pregnancy and autism and explains progress being made in understanding the genetics of autism.

Wassink Discusses His Latest Schizophrenia Research Findings

Listen to an interview with Thomas Wassink, MD, author of ZNF804A Influences Brain Structure Volumes and Symptom Severity in Individuals With Schizophrenia.