Proteomics Facility

  • Proteomics Pricing

    COSTS   This link will provide the cost structure of proteomics applications organized by objective.
    Protein Identification MS/MS is an unbiased measure of identity that relies upon real-time verification of peptide sequence.
    Biomarker Discovery Several MS approaches can reveal the fold-change of individual proteins between distinct phenotypes.
    Absolute Quantification With specificity exceeding sandwich ELISA, MRM can quantify dozens of proteins in multiplexed assays.
    Post Translational Modifications Sub-stoichiometric and difficult to ionize, custom techniques are often required.
    Rapid Bacterial Biotyping Identify cultured pathogens with a simple MALDI preparation procedure and a few seconds of acquisition.
    User Rates, Training, and FAQ After training researchers can schedule personal use of the instruments. Woe to those who screw up.