• Ph.D. Curriculum in Pharmacology

    Year 1 - Fall

    Molecular & Cell Biology 5-week Modules

        BMED:5207 Principles Molecular & Cellular Biology
        MPB:5153 Graduate Physiology
        PCOL:5204 Basic Biostatistics and Experimental Design

    Year 1 - Spring

    Principles of Pharmacology 5-week Modules

        PCOL:5135 Principles of Pharmacology
        PCOL:5136 Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics
        PCOL:5137 Neurotransmitters
        PCOL:6250 Advanced Problem Solving 

        One Elective Course (students choice)


    Year 2 - Fall

        PCOL:6203 Pharmacology for Graduate Students
        BMED:7270 Scholarly Integrity & RCR I

        One Elective Course (students choice)

    Year 2 - Spring

    Receptors and Signaling 5-week Modules

        PCOL:6207 Ion Channel Pharmacology
        PCOL:6208 G Proteins and G-Protein-coupled Receptors
        PCOL:6209 Steroid Receptor Signaling
        MCB:6225 Growth Factor Receptor Signaling
        BMED:7271 Scholarly Integrity & RCR II

    Each Semester

        PCOL:6090 Directed Research in Pharmacology
        PCOL:6080 Pharmacology Seminar
        PCOL:6015 Topics in Neuropharmacology
        PCOL:6020 Topics in Pharmacogenomics
        PCOL:6025 Topics in Cell Signaling and Cancer
        PCOL:6030 Topics in Cardiovascular Pharmacology