• Pharmacology for Health Sciences: Physician Assistants

    Fall Semester, 2013
    Course Director

    Barry Kasson, PhD
    Phone: (319) 335-9954


    11:30AM - 12:20PM
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
    Bowen Science Building, Beisner Auditorium (Aud 1)

    Course Schedule


    Date Lecturer Topic
    Aug 26 Kasson  Introduction to Pharmacology
    Aug 27 Kasson Pharmacokinetics: Drug Absorption
    Aug 28 Kasson Pharmacodynamics: Drug-Receptor Interactions
    Aug 29 Kasson Pharmacokinetics: Drug Metabolism & Excertion
    Aug 30 Kasson Clinical Pharmacokinetics & Drug Dose Regimens
    Sept 3 Gardinier Introduction to the Peripheral Nervous System, Autonomic Nervous System: Cholinergics I
    Sept 4 Gardinier Autonomic Nervous System: Cholinergics II
    Sept 5 Gardinier Cholinergics III: Ganglionic & Neuromuscular Agents
    Sept 6   NO LECTURE - Medical Student Research Day 
    Sept 9 Gardinier Autonomic Nervous System: Adrenergics I
    Sept 10 Gardinier Autonomic Nervous System: Adrenergics II
    Sept 11 F. Quelle Inflammation: Immunomodulators
    Sept 12 F. Quelle Inflammation: Antihistamines
    Sept 13 F.Quelle Inflammation: Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)
    Sept 16 F.Quelle Inflammation: Treatment of Asthma
    Sept 17       Hohl Clinical Use of Adrenergic/Cholinergic Agents
    Sept 18 Koland Antineoplastic Agents I
    Sept 19 Koland Antineoplastic Agents II
    Sept 20  9:00 - 10:45AM  PROGRESS EXAM I
    Sept 20 Hohl Clinical Aspects of Cancer Chemotheapy
    Sept 23 Brennan Pain & Opioids I
    Sept 24 Brennan Pain & Opioids II
    Sept 25 Brennan Pain & Opioids III
    Sept 26 Brennan General Anesthesia I
    Sept 27 Brennan General Anesthesia II
    Sept 30 Usachev CNS: Antidepressants & Stimulants
    Oct 1 Mohapatra CNS: Sedative-Hypnotics/Antianxiety Agents
    Oct 2 Usachev CNS: Anticonvulsants
    Oct 3 Mohapatra CNS: Antipsychotic Agents
    Oct 4 Usachev CNS: Drugs for Neurodegenerative Diseases
    Oct 7 F.Quelle Renal Drugs: Physiology
    Oct 8 F.Quelle Renal Drugs: Diuretics I
    Oct 9 F.Quelle Renal Drugs: Diuretics II; Antidiuretics & Uricosurics
    Oct 10 Hegeman Clinical Use of Diuretics
    Oct 11 Brennan Local Anesthesia
    Oct 14 F.Quelle G.I. Drugs I
    Oct 15 F.Quelle G.I. Drugs II
    Oct 16 Hohl Anticoagulants, Antithrombotics & Thrombolytic Drugs
    Oct 17 Hohl Management of Vascular Integrity
    Oct 18 9:00 - 10:55AM PROGRESS EXAM II
    Oct 18 Fisher Renin Angiotensin System, Vasopressin and Kinins
    Oct 21 Lamping Central & Peripheral Mechanisms of Hypertension
    Oct 22 Lamping Antihypertensive Agents
    Oct 23 Lamping Regulation of Coronary Blood Flow & Mechanisms Coronary Heart Disease
    Oct 24 Lamping     Treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome
    Oct 25 Hohl Drugs Used in Atherosclerosis
    Oct 28 Fisher Serotonin; Mechanisms in Heart Failure
    Oct 29 Fisher Drugs Used to Treat Heart Failure
    Oct 30 Benson Arrhythmias: Ionic & Electrophysiologic Basis
    Oct 31 Benson Antiarrhythmic Agents
    Nov 1 Hohl Clinical Pharmacology of Antiarrhythmics/Antihypertensives
    Nov 4 Ludewig Toxicology I
    Nov 5 Ludewig Toxicology II
    Nov 6 Ludewig Toxicology III
    Nov 7 D Quelle Antimicrobial Agents: Cell Wall Active Agents I
    Nov 8  9:30 - 10:45AM PROGRESS EXAM III
     Nov 8 D Quelle Antimicrobial Agents: Cell Wall Active Ageents II
    Nov 11 D Quelle Antimicrobial Agents: Protein Synthesis Inhibitors
    Nov 12 D Quelle Antimicrobial Agents: Antimetabolites & DNA Synthesis Inhibitors
    Nov 13 D Quelle  Antimicrobial: Antifungal Agents
    Nov 14  Hohl  Drugs Used in Anemias
    Nov 15  DesJardin  Antimicrobial: Antimycobacterial Agents
    Nov 18 Ascoli Insulin & Oral Antidiabetic Agents
    Nov 19 Ascoli Thyroid & Antithyroid Agents
    Nov 20 Ascoli Adrenocortical Steroids 
    Nov 21 Ascoli Progestins, Estrogens & Androgens 
    Nov 22 Ascoli Drugs that Affect Pituitary and Hypothalamic Hormones; Drugs that Affect Calcium Metabolism
    Dec 2 Maury Antimicrobial: Antiviral Agents
    Dec 3 Kasson Perinatal, Pediatric and Geriatric Pharmacology
    Dec 4 Krasowski Pharmacogenetics
    Dec 5 Hohl Applied Clinical Pharmacology
    Dec 6 Kasson Over-The-Counter Medications (OTS's)
    Dec 9 Kasson Herbals
    Dec 10 Wilson Antimicrobial: Antiparasitic Agents
    Dec 10 9:00AM - 11:00AM PROGRESS EXAM IV
    Dec 20 9:30AM - 12:30PM PROGRESS EXAM V + FINAL EXAM