• Research Experience for Undergraduates in Microbiology
    at The University of Iowa

    Summer 2012 Schedule of Events

    Date Schedule of Events
    May 20 (Sun) Check-in at Mayflower Hall; Welcome pizza party at Mayflower
    May 21 (Mon) Orientation session and Group Lunch, Bowen Science Building (BSB)
    May 25 (Fri) Group lunch: discussion of first week
    May 26 (Sat) BBQ at Dr. David Weiss' home
    May 29 (Tue) Seminar: Dr. Richard Roller, "Genetic analysis of virus assembly"
           Biosciences Program Welcome Reception
    June 1 (Fri) Biosciences Program: Survival Skills Workshop for Young Researchers
      Group lunch: postdoctoral student Wilmara Salgado-Pabon, guest
    June 5 (Tue) Seminar: Dr. Timothy Yahr, "Translating the basic biology of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa type III secretion system into anti-virulence approaches to control infection"
      Ice cream social with Department of Microbiology
    June 7 (Thu) Field trip to Vertex Pharmaceuticals
    June 8 (Fri) Group lunch: graduate student Tiara Pérez, "SdpI signaling and immunity towards SDP during cannibalism in Bacillus subtilis"
    June 12 (Tue) Seminar: Dr. Alex Horswill, "Peptide quorum-sensing in Gram positive bacteria"
    June 15 (Fri) Group lunch: Student presentations
    June 19 (Tue) Seminar: Dr. Jon Houtman, "The Role of Fak in T Cell Activation: How Being Wrong is Sometimes a Good Thing"
    June 22 (Fri) Group lunch: Student presentations
    June 26 (Tue) Seminar: Dr. Craig Ellermeier, "Activation of an ECF sigma factor by lysozyme in Gram positive bacteria"
    June 29 (Fri) Group lunch: Student presentations
    July 6 (Fri) Group lunch: Student presentations
    July 10 (Tue) Poster workshop
    July 13 (Fri) Group lunch: Ethics/Responsible Conduct of Research
    July 17 (Tue) Seminar: Dr. Chioma Okeoma, "Genetics of Resistance and Susceptibility to Viral Infections"
    July 20 (Fri) Group lunch: Dr. Steven Clegg, "Selecting and Getting Admitted to a Graduate Program"
    July 24 (Tue) Biosciences Program Farewell Reception
    July 25 (Wed) UI Summer Undergraduate Research Conference (poster presentations)
      End of summer celebration dinner
    July 26 (Thu) Group lunch: Program evaluation/wrap-up
    July 27-28 (Fri-Sat) Check out from Mayflower Hall