• Research Experience for Undergraduates in Microbiology
    at The University of Iowa

    Summer 2010 Schedule of Events

    Date Schedule of Events
    May 23 (Sun) Check-in at Mayflower Hall; Welcome pizza party at Mayflower
    May 24 (Mon) Orientation session, Bowen Science Building (BSB)
    May 26 (Wed) Group lunch: Benita Wolff, guest
    May 27 (Thu) Seminar: Dr. David Weiss, "Bacterial Cell Division"
    May 30 (Sun) Picnic at Kent Park
    June 2 (Wed) Group lunch: graduate student Tiara Pérez, guest
    June 3 (Thu) Seminar: Dr. Jon Houtman, "Studying Signal Transduction in Human T Cells"
    June 5 (Sat) BBQ at Dr. David Weiss' home
    June 9 (Wed) Group lunch: graduate student Matt Thoendel, guest
    June 10 (Thu) Biosciences Welcome Reception
    June 16 (Wed) Biosciences Program: Survival Skills Workshop for Young Researchers
      Group lunch: postdoctoral student Janet Wilson, guest
    June 17 (Thu) Seminar: Dr. Alex Horswill, "Peptide quorum-sensing in Gram positive bacteria"
    June 23 (Wed) Group lunch: Discuss final paper and poster; First paper due
    June 24 (Thu) Seminar: Dr. Linda McCarter, "Ethics/Responsible Conduct of Research"
    June 30 (Wed) Group lunch: Student presentations
    July 1 (Thu) Seminar: Dr. Linda McCarter, "Ethics/Responsible Conduct of Research, Part 2"
    July 7 (Wed) Group lunch: Student presentations
    July 8 (Thu) Field trip to Vertex Pharmaceuticals
    July 14 (Wed) Group lunch: Student presentations
    July 15 (Thu) Seminar: Dr. Steven Clegg, "Selecting and getting admitted to a graduate program"
    July 21 (Wed) Group lunch: Student presentations
    July 22 (Thu) Seminar: Dr. Richard Roller, "Career Options for PhDs in Microbiology"
    July 26 (Mon) Biosciences Program Farewell Reception
    July 28 (Wed) Group lunch
      UI Summer Undergraduate Research Conference (poster presentations)
    July 29 (Thu) Program evaluation/wrap-up
      End of summer celebration dinner
    July 30 (Fri) Research papers due
    July 30-31
    Check out from Mayflower Hall