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  • Teaching and Learning

    Learning Objectives

    the learning objectives for the Roy J and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine doctor of medicine program. The collegiate Medical Education Committee (MEC) revised the learning objectives in 2010 following the LCME review of the College in the fall of 2009.


    We collaborate with faculty, staff and students to provide a vital, dynamic curriculum mindful of the needs of a changing society. We support the curriculum through the design, implementation and evaluation of course components, and the assessment of student learning.

    Learning Communities

    We designed our Learning Communities to facilitate student-to-student and faculty-to-student support and education, leadership development, and service learning activities.

    Assessing Clinical Skills

    We in the Performance-Based Assessment program test students' clinical and interpersonal skills by placing them in realistic patient scenarios with specially-trained actors.

    Global Health Distinction Track

    Global Health Distinction Track supports and guides students in developing expertise in global health issues with the goal of subsequent career involvement in Global Health involving service, policy making, research, and/or teaching.

     Humanities Distinction Track

    The Carver College of Medicine Humanities Distinction Track (HDT) encourages, supports, and recognizes medical students who pursue scholarship in ethics, writing, or the humanities. This track will promote students’ growth as professionals and also further the promotion of humanism in medicine.   

     Healthcare Delivery Science and Management Track

    The Carver College of Medicine Healthcare Delivery Science and Management Track exposes medical students to the innovations and integrations of healthcare delivery outside of direct medical care. Partnering with faculty from the Tippie College of Business, this track enriches the Carver College of Medicine’s core curriculum by offering students a program geared toward producing physician leaders of tomorrow.   

    Program in Bioethics and Humanities

     The Program’s mission is to increase our understanding of human health and healthcare through knowledge gained from bioethics and the medical humanities. Program faculty and staff advance this mission through teaching courses, conducting research and scholarship, and serving the Carver College of Medicine and University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics community.

    Research Distinction Track

    Our goal for the Research Distinction Track is to encourage students to participate in research in a meaningful and substantial way. This exposure to training in scientific thinking should be an experience that will enrich their medical training. 

    CCOM Rural Iowa Scholars Program (CRISP)

    CRISP is a comprehensive program that begins in the summer before students enter medical school and continues throughout medical school. The goal is to attract, educate and inspire future rural physicians who will help Iowa meet its need for health care in rural areas of the state.

    Teaching Distinction Track

    Our objectives for the Teaching Distinction Track are to encourage, equip and recognize medical students as effective educators. Preparing students for involvement in medical education and community outreach is designed to enrich their contribution and experiences in medicine.

    Service Distinction Track

    Our goal for the Service Distinction Track is to encourage, support, and recognize medical students who work extensively with medically underserved, marginalized, and rural populations during their medical school careers.

    Standing Education Committees

    Our standing committees provide governance of admissions, the medical curriculum, student activities, and students' academic performance.

    Global Opportunities

    We foster learning and service opportunities to underserved patients around the world. In a rapidly changing world of health care delivery, patients, care givers, and administrators realize that much is to be gained by learning to better serve our diverse community of patients both within and outside of the US.

    Community Health Outreach

    Our Community Health Outreach (CHO) program is a student-organized and directed elective class for first and second year medical students who want to learn about the issues faced by medically underserved populations in the community.

    Personal-Professional Compass

    The purpose of the Carver College of Medicine Personal-Professional Compass program is to help medical students understand, articulate, and integrate their personal and professional values and goals as they navigate their way through the four years of medical school.