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  • Summer Research Fellowship Mentor Responsibilities

    Summer Medical Research Mentors are responsible to provide supervision for Summer Research Fellows (SRF) during a 10 to 12 week research experience. Mentors will assist students in outlining a project that pursues a scientific question and assist students in becoming familiar with the processes involved in (1) identifying a research problem, (2) evaluating its significance, (3) designing experiments to address the problem/answer the questions posed, and (4) interpreting experimental data collected.

    Responsibilities of the Summer Research Fellowship Mentors are:

    • Mentor (train) only 2 students during a given summer
    • Provide the student with an electronic copy of a letter of support briefly summarizing the project and your commitment to supporting the student throughout the SRF program
    • Provide the student with an electronic copy of the your NIH-formatted biosketch (Template, Sample, Instructions) for the SRF application (maximum 5 pages)
    • Assure that the student(s) have completed the appropriate compliance training (e.g., IRB, ACURF)
    • Assure that the department completes a supplemental appointment and requests EPIC access/training for student researchers, if necessary
    • Supervise the student's preparation of a Research Project Report (oral or poster)
    • Participate in Medical Student Research Week as a judge/reviewer (September 13-14, 2017)
    • Submit an evaluation of the student's performance at the end of the research experience

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