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  • Summer Fellowship Expectations

    Summer research is expected to be a full-time activity that is 12 weeks in length (unless pre-approved for a shorter interval) from mid-May to mid-August. Students are discouraged from taking vacations during the period of the summer research fellowship. In addition to the time spent on the research project, students will be invited to participate in a variety of  didactic sessions throughout the summer. These sessions will be a combination of case presentations (clinician-scientists who present a clinical case, then discuss their research associated with it) and lectures (e.g., "How to write an abstract/construct a poster for presentation"). These sessions are designed to broaden the student's exposure to research concepts beyond their individual projects.

    All student participants must complete a research ethics course during their summer project. Students who are accepted into the fellowship will be informed about the ethics class schedule at the start of their fellowship.

    Students are required to present the results of their research at the annual Iowa Medical Student Research Day in September and encouraged to present at regional and/or national student research forums.

    For instructions regarding the Medical Student Research Day, click on Abstract and Poster or Oral presentation.