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  • Didactic Sessions

    Responsible Conduct of Research: Fellows are required to attend eight hours of instruction related to the responsible conduct of research. This is not just a requirement for new researchers; the NIH requires all grant participants at every level to continually refresh their knowledge of these concepts. During the summer research program we offer four hours of direct (didactic) responsible research instruction and four hours of case study, during which time students are lead through discussion of specific cases dealing with issues of research ethics and possible misconduct. Sessions will be distributed throughout the summer allowing adequate time for students to discuss the issues with one another as well as with their mentor and colleagues in the lab.

    Lunchtime Seminars: Summer fellowship students are required to participate in a regular lunchtime seminar series as part of the commitment to the summer research fellowship. These research talks are presented by outstanding researchers from throughout the Carver College of Medicine. While the topic for a given session may not be of immediate interest to all students, the experience and professionalism of attendance in these required talks is designed to expose students to the breadth and depth of research at Iowa. Additionally, students should pay attention to the skills demonstrated by each presenter in the Students should listen attentively and be able to answer the following questions after each event:

    • How would you summarize the speaker's main point or "take-away" from this presentation?
    • How was the speaker able to relate the topic to listeners from a variety of educational backgrounds and specialties?
    • What one new idea, impression, or awareness was most striking to you from this presentation?

     Optional Seminars: In addition to these required-attendance events, students are invited to attend other research talks throughout the summer offered in conjunction with ongoing biomedical research programs. Details of these sessions will be published on the calendar of events in the course website on ICON.