MD Program

  • Participants' Responsibilities


    • Attend an annual orientation seminar (on-line or in person) for mentors (TBA)
    • Assist the student in finding service opportunities
    • Meet with the student in person once per semester, email contact as needed to discuss progress
    • Assist the student in creating a service and project plan to be reviewed annually
    • Oversee an activity log on-line at least two times per semester

    Student Responsibilities/Timeline

    Year One—(or beginning of second year of medical school)

    1. Apply for the track
    2. Work with the Office of Student Affairs and the Curriculum to obtain a mentor
    3. Meet with mentor to discuss student’s application answers, review SDT requirements, discuss volunteer options
    4. Draft a plan for service and the final project
    5. Work with an agency in the community to determine and meet real need
    6. Attend the Civic Engagement Fair in April

    Year Two

    Steps 4-6 above (or condense year one and two if start of SDT is beginning of second year of medical school).

    Year Three

    Steps 4-6 above.

    Year Four

    1. Early August—apply for the Service Distinction
    2. SDT Coordinators and mentor review file to match checklist
    3. Notify OSAC Office of activities completed for Dean’s letters
    4. Work on plan
    5. Mid-November—submit outline of final project to mentor/coordinator/Council to approve or disapprove of project; re-submitted if needed
    6. Early March—student submits draft of scholarly paper to mentor
    7. Early April—coordinator notifies registrar of Service Distinction
    8. Early May--Student presents project/paper at Civic Engagement Fair