MD Program

  • Service Distinction Track

    The purpose of the Carver College of Medicine Service Distinction Track is to encourage, support, and recognize medical students who work extensively with medically underserved, marginalized, and rural populations during their medical school careers.

    The national Liaison Committee on Medical Education has recently suggested that for accreditation, medical schools “do everything possible to facilitate service learning.” The SDT incorporates Service Learning through the following components:

    • Student - mentor relationship
    • Long-term service and project plan
    • Sustained service work over the student’s medical school career
    • Clinical experience with an underserved, marginalized, or rural population group
    • Log, blog, or critical incident journal
    • Final Project Proposal
    • Final Project
    • Presentation on the Final Project

    Program Benefits

    Participation in the SDT program will help students:

    • Pursue volunteering with underserved patient populations during medical school.
    • Focus underserved patient experiences in a meaningful way by applying academic theory to actual practice.
    • Learn to apply scholarly methods to service work.
    • Become self directed learners by working in collaboration with communities on health care issues.
    • Be recognized for work with underserved patient populations during medical school.
    • Service Distinction Track participation will be noted on transcript.
    • Service Distinction Track activities will be noted in Dean’s letter.
    • A record of completion of the SDT program will be submitted for inclusion in the award section of the graduation program.