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    The Carver College of Medicine has been supporting medical student research for years. In the early 1960s Dr. Francois Abboud and Dr. Melvin Marcus recognized the value of having medical students participate in research projects and started a program to support these experiences. From its modest beginnings when a handful of students were supported for summer research projects the program has grown tremendously, culminating in the establishment of the Iowa Medical Student Research Program (IMSRP) in 2000.

    The long term objective of the IMSRP is to encourage more medical students to participate in summer research experiences and to continue their engagement with scientific research throughout medical school training and beyond. The IMSRP develops, organizes, and integrates several programs that are related to medical student research. The principal components of the IMSRP are the Summer Research Fellowship Program and the Research Distinction Track. The success of these programs has been due, in large part, to faculty participation to help train students in research methods and to serve as outstanding physician-scientist role models. Over 150 faculty all across the College of Medicine have been involved in the Iowa Medical Student Research Program and serve as potential research mentors for interested students.