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  • Abstract/Presentation Instructions (2016 deadlines)


    Submit a ONE-PAGE written clinical journal abstract of your research findings. The font used should be no smaller than 10-pt to be easily read. Oral presentation abstracts are due August 22 and Poster presentation abstracts are due August 24. Your faculty sponsor is expected to assist you in preparing and/or finalizing the abstract. It should include the following:

    • Title of the presentation
    • Your name, your mentor's name and any other collaborators
    • Background/Rationale
    • Purpose of the study: Hypothesis/Aims
    • Method
    • Results
    • Conclusion/Discussion

    The abstract is due by Noon on August 22 (oral presentation) or August 24 (poster presentation). Your abstract needs to be attached to your Research Day registration. This abstract is placed in the student's permanent research fellowship file.

    Oral Presentation

    • All students requesting an oral presentation must submit registration and an abstract by Noon on August 22, 2016.
    • There may be more students requesting oral presentations than spots available. You will be notified of your presentation assignment type as soon as possible after August 24.
    • Final decisions on oral presentation assignments will be made by the Medical Student Research Council if more students request an oral presentation than we can accommodate.
    • Presentations are limited to 9 (nine) minutes for your talk and 3 (three) minutes for questions. A timekeeper will be present in the room to keep track of time.
    • Two judges will evaluate your presentation.
    • A copy of your full presentation should be handed in to Stephanie Whitlock in 1187 MERF on or before Research Day, September 2. You can hand in a paper copy in the form of a handout at 1187 MERF or email it to Stephanie.


    • All students requesting a poster presentation must submit registration and an abstract by Noon on August 24, 2016.
    • Poster boards will be set up in MERF Atrium; these boards are 4' high by 6' wide. Posters can be made utilizing single laminated sheets or multiple posterboard mats. Poster Printing Resources  
    • Your mentor has been notified of the poster requirement and will assist you in obtaining the materials necessary for preparation of a "formal" poster when you do your presentation. We do not have money in the program to pay for poster materials or printing costs.
    • When you present at Medical Student Research Day, you will prepare and present a "formal" version of the paper copy you hand in to us. Two judges will evaluate your poster and presentation during your assigned presentation time.
    • A copy of your poster needs to be given to Stephanie Whitlock in 1187 MERF on or before Research Day, September 2. This can be on CD or flashdrive. If you prepare the poster in PowerPoint you can email it to Stephanie or you can turn in a printed "handout" with 6 slides per page or one slide per page - your preference.