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1240 MERF
Iowa City, Iowa 52242-2600
Phone:(319) 335-8056
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  • Personal Counseling

    Stress related difficulties can manifest in a number of ways.  Relationship problems, anxiety disorders, depression, adjustment difficulties (adjusting to a new area, new people, loss of old support system, dealing with being in the 'middle of the pack' academically when used to being at the top, etc…), eating disorders, and substance abuse are among the many concerns medical students might experience.  The counselors at the Medical Student Counseling Center (MSCC) are trained to help students manage and cope with these difficulties.  If a student’s concern is beyond the scope of the services the counseling center can provide, counselors will find appropriate resources for the student within the university or community.   Medical students can be referred to and meet with a UIHC psychiatrist if it appears that medication may be an appropriate course of treatment.

    Personal counseling at MSCC is confidential.  Counselors are available to provide both short-term and long-term counseling and therapy to students.  Typically, counseling is done individually.  However, couples counseling is also available to medical students and their significant others. Groups targeted at helping students with things like depression, anxiety, and/or relationship concerns are offered periodically through the MSCC.

    Appointments with a MSCC counselor can be made by contacting Sandy Tomas at 335-8056.  However, students should feel free to drop in at anytime during office hours if they would like to speak with a counselor.  Every effort will be made to meet with a student as soon as possible.