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  • Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group

    Mission Statement

    The aim of this group is to help students gain a realistic perspective of the orthopaedic field early in their medical education by introducing students to what orthopaedics entails. In an effort to achieve this goal the interest group will be designed to provide current information regarding residency programs and how to achieve one's goals related to the field.

    Other objectives will include

    • Establishing a connection between medical students and the orthopaedic faculty and residents by providing opportunities for students to attend organized lectures presented by the department.
    • Enable students interested, to conduct research in conjunction with the orthopaedic department.
    • To keep medical students current with the conferences and departmental meetings available for them to attend.

    The overall objective of the interest group is to be inclusive of all students, with a specific aim to cater to students’ individual needs and inquires regarding the orthopaedic field, and as a result help them determine whether the orthopaedic field and lifestyle is for them. Thus, leading students to make more informed decisions regarding their future careers in medicine.