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  • Major Grooves

    Major Grooves is the University of Iowa medical student choir (named, in nerdy med school fashion, after the major groove in the DNA double helix). Appearing in sweaters and Santa hats one moment, scrubs and sunglasses the next, Major Grooves makes the rounds both in- and outside the medical school. The co-ed group performs several times a semester at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, including an annual Christmas concert. They have also performed at the College of Medicine's Deeded Body Ceremony, Iowa City's Riverfest, church services, receptions, award ceremonies, and commissioning services.

    The choir has done everything from hymns and gospel to golden oldies and rock 'n roll classics. Major Grooves tends to be an a cappella ensemble, though it's also been known to incorporate percussion and piano, and members sometimes play instrumental music as a precursor to hospital performances. The group rehearses a couple hours a week; it's low-key, laid-back, and accomodating to members' schedules. Major Grooves has a great time entertaining others, and the music provides a great weekly diversion from the rigors of everyday medical education.