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  • Introduction to Medical Education

    Notable Quotes from 2015 IMEI Participants   


    "Meeting people was incredibly helpful as I am completely new to the area, including my fellow classmates, older students, and faculty and staff.  I thought that IMEI helped me feel prepared and confident heading into medical school, and I appreciated the variety of activities we were able to participate in."

    "I think introducing students to medical school during the summer has alleviated a lot of concerns for us students, myself included.  Giving students the confidence that they can succeed, that they belong, is an invaluable gift to give them.  I am very happy that I decided to do the IMEI program this summer."

    "IMEI condenses a lot of really important concepts, and presents them in a very effective and non-intimidating way which was so helpful to me.  The program also allowed us to acclimate to a new environment and make some new friends in the process.  It was a great experience!"

    "Never in a million years would I regret taking IMEI.  I feel more confident of my abilities, I know what to work on, I understand a bit more what it's going to be like for my personal life.  AND I got paid for it?!  Best program ever!"  

    "IMEI has put me at ease about starting medical school.  I have developed better study habits because I was given a chance to experiment with different studying styles and review techniques.  IMEI also introduced me to other incoming M1's  and I feel like I already have friends and study partners for the fall.  I feel confident and excited to start medical school at Carver this fall thanks to IMEI."