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  • Human Subjects Application

    Any project that uses human beings in research must be approved by the Human Subjects Office (HSO) via its' Institutional Review Board (IRB). Even a study that consists of retrospective chart review without direct patient contact is considered human subjects research and will approval by the IRB. IRB approval may take four to six weeks and is separate from the scientific review process; therefore, application for human subjects should be submitted as early as possible. You cannot begin your research process without IRB approval.

     Click here for a presentation on preparing an IRB Application given by Andy Bertolatus, MD on 2/22/10

    The application for human subjects' research is done online at As with the research proposal, the application for human subjects research should be submitted with the help of your mentor. If you need help with human subjects applications please contact Michele Countryman. A special session to help interested students and faculty with filling out the IRB application form online will be held by the Human Subjects Office staff on TBD.