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  • College of Medicine Loans

    The Carver College of Medicine has a number of endowment loan funds to be used to assist students in financing their education. To be eligible for these loans, students must have financial need greater than $8,500 as calculated by the FAFSA and must provide parental income and asset information on the FAFSA that demonstrates an expected parental contribution of less than $25,000 for residents and $40,000 for non-residents. The maximum yearly loan from each of the listed funds varies yearly depending on available funds.

    Interest-Free Loan Fund: The endowed loan fund listed below provides interest free loans to needy medical students. It has a standard repayment schedule of $100 per month beginning three years after graduation until the loan is paid in full.

    • Edith C. Brewster Trust Fund Loan

    Deferred-Interest Loan Funds: The funds below charge 5% per annum interest which begins accruing at repayment, three years after graduation. They all have a standard repayment rate of $100 per month plus interest beginning three years after graduation.

    • Melvin and Sadie Bloom Memorial Loan Fund
    • Alice E. Booth Loan Fund
    • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Loan Fund.
    • Hyman Kessler Memorial Loan Fund
    • Lottie Lester Evans Loan Fund
    • G. W. Merck Memorial Loan Fund
    • Nu Sigma Nu Loan Fund
    • Sledd Foundation Loan Fund