MD Program

Contact MD Admissions

1213 MERF
Iowa City, Iowa 52242-2600
Phone:(800) 493-7415
Phone:(319) 335-8052
Fax: (319) 335-8049

  • Admitted Students

      Checklist for Pre-M1s  

    • Acceptance of Offer: Written confirmation of your acceptance of this offer of admission is required within 2 weeks of admission unless you have been admitted to the MD/PhD program. Please accept our offer on the Secondary Application (If you are declining or wish to subsequently withdraw this offer, please go to the Secondary Application/Decision tab to notify us).  Contact us if you have any questions at CCOM Admissions office
    • Criminal Background Check:
      The AAMC will conduct the required criminal background check on your behalf. Students admitted from October thru December will receive an email from Certiphi Screening, Inc. in early January. All other students will receive an email immediately. For more information about the criminal background check process, please consult the AAMC website 
    •  MyUI (Student Information System): Now that you have been admitted, you will be given a network account to access MyUI. You will be provided with login information in a few days. 
    • Transcripts: The UI Office of Admissions will request official transcripts in the email you will soon receive from them. Have transcripts sent to the University of Iowa, Office of Admissions, 108 Calvin Hall, Iowa City, Iowa  52242-1396. You will be able to determine receipt of your official transcripts on  MyUI.
    • Contact Changes: Please keep us informed of any contact information changes at your Secondary Homepage. You will also need to change your contact information with the University by emailing
    • ICON (Iowa Courses On Line) Pre-M1 Communications: is now integrated into MyUI.  You will be automatically enrolled. Visit this site often to stay informed as we will post information which is important for your enrollment.  The "OSAC Housing Exchange Discussion" board allows you to post your housing needs or to respond to other medical students' posts. Visiting Alpha Kappa Kappa Medical Society or Phi Rho Signma Medical Society websites may also be helpful for housing information.
    • CCOM Financial Aid Website: Refer to this site for up-to-date financial aid information and how to apply for aid.
    • Student Health Screening Forms: The health screening requirements are outlined at the UI Student Health website under the Health Science Students section: Please review this information carefully and comply with these requirements prior to orientation. The Hepatitis B immunization series must be completed before the beginning of your second semester. If you have questions, contact Student Health at 319-335-8370.
    • Health Insurance: All students are required to maintain health insurance (or an equivalent alternative care plan).  Visit for details. By September you are required to have provided proof of health insurance or you will be billed for SHIP on your October UI bill.  If you have questions contact the University of Iowa Benefits Office at or 319-335-2676.
    • Disabilty Insurance: Medical Student Individual Disability insurance is strongly encouraged, though not required.  Information regarding this type of insurance is available on the Secondary Application. 
    • Laptop Computer Requirement: All students are required to provide their own laptop for computerized exams. Details are available on the ICON Pre-M1 Communications.
    • Orientation Week: Orientation is Monday, August 7 thru Friday, August 11, 2017. Attendance is required.  Details will be available in July.