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  • Student Handbook


    Attendance expectations and absences

    Students are expected to attend all scheduled instruction in both preclinical and clinical courses. Students must notify course or clerkship director of absences resulting from illness or other unanticipated issues. A course or clerkship director may require details regarding the absence, but not medical documentation. Students must request permission in advance when an issue arises that will necessitate an absence from courses or clerkships. Any unexcused absence from a course or clerkship or from an examination may result, at the discretion of the course or clerkship director, in a failing grade. If you are exposed to an infectious disease (e.g., mumps), you should contact the course or clerkship director and let them know. If you develop symptoms you should not report to class or clerkships. In addition, you should call Student Health to be evaluated. If you are exposed to a blood-borne pathogen, please follow the instructions under Health Policies.

    Absence from exams

    The Carver College of Medicine's Guidelines for Course and Clerkship Directors states: Unforeseen emergencies or family obligations may arise that conflict with scheduled examinations, and course directors are encouraged to be reasonable in balancing the legitimate needs of students, of the course or clerkship, and of the College.

    University regulations require that students be allowed to make-up examinations which have been missed due to illness, mandatory religious obligations, or other unavoidable circumstances or University activities.

    Severe Weather Policy

    ALL medical students (M1 through M4) and physician assistant students (PA1 through PA3) will follow any University Central Administration's decision about cancellation of classes due to severe weather. If the University cancels classes, this applies to all preclinical courses AND to all clerkship rotations. Course directors, faculty, and clerkship directors are aware of this policy.

    Please see the University's severe weather page for any cancellations and other severe weather information.

    If the University remains open during inclement weather, you are expected to make every reasonable effort to make it to your exams or clerkships.

    Time off from clinical clerkships

    M3 and M4 students are expected to use the online site to request and report time off from clerkships Students are expected to adhere to the following policies that accompany the time off request system:

    Medical students are expected to request in advance any time off that is needed from a clerkship. Students are also expected to report, after the fact, any absence that occurs due to illness or other unforeseen event. It is the clerkship director's prerogative to require that time off is made up. Time off may not be taken from one clerkship in order to make up time from another clerkship. A request can be made if a student needs to repeat an exam from a previous clerkship, but not on an orientation or exam day.

    Students should not request the first (orientation) day of a clerkship off or the exam day. Check the clerkship's ICON course materials for the exam day and time. Students should not request time off on the day of a Performance Based Assessment (PBA) exam. Passing the PBA is required to pass the clerkship and individual make-up PBA exams are not available. The PBA exam schedule can be found at  

    Go to for specific guidelines and instructions.