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  • ABC (All 'Bout Couples and Families)

    During medical school, we all have times when we feel stressed and alone. These feelings are especially difficult on our relationships with our significant others or spouses and children. ABC is an organization made up of students who are single parents, married students, and students in committed relationships. We sponsor family-friendly activities designed to strengthen family relationships and increase support for our significant others and for ourselves while in medical school. All are welcome!

    This year's planned activities include:

    • Opening Social Pot Luck (September)
    • Halloween parade through MERF atrium, communities, and OSAC (Halloween Day; for kids and kids-at-heart)
    • Valentine's Week Banquet (Week of Valentine's Day; A semi-formal dinner with physician speaker on "How to Sustain Relationships through Medical Training and Careers")
    • "Preparing for Clerkships" Panel (Late Spring)

    Feel free to contact any of our leadership team with questions or interest in group leadership:

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