MD Program

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1216 MERF
Iowa City, Iowa 52242-2600
Visiting Students: (319) 335-8053
Graduate Records: (319) 335-6823
Combined Degrees & USMLE: (319) 335-8046
Fax: (319) 335-8643

  • Departmental Services 

    Clinical Clerkship Scheduling 

    All clinical clerkship scheduling and changes are made through our office.  Due to limited capacity, M3 and M4 schedules are generated using an online request system and lottery.  Information on M4 schedules is presented in the M3 class meeting held in January.  Information on M3 schedules is presented in the M2 class meeting held in March.  Rosters for the new clinical year are distributed to departments on May 1.  Any student asking to add or drop clerkships should be directed to Marcia in 1216 MERF. Questions? 335-8053


    Information on FERPA can be found on the University of Iowa Office of the Registrar page.  Questions? 335-8046


    We are the College of Medicine Collegiate Administrators for ICON.  Contact us to help set up courses, set up grade schemes, or provide instructor access.  Questions? 335-6823

    Individually Arranged Electives 

    Research, away electives, or other M4 electives not specifically included in the course book require the student to complete the Individually Arranged Elective Form.  Questions? 335-8053


    MAUI is the university system used to create courses, offer courses, and enter final grades.  Questions? 335-8053 335-8046

    Visiting Medical Student Electives 

    Students from other LCME accredited allopathic schools interested in applying for a fourth year visiting elective must meet the qualifications and complete the applicationAny student contacting a department directly should be directed to this  Questions? 335-8053