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  • Medical Spanish Program 

     The Global Programs Office is proud to present our Medical Spanish Program during the fall and spring semesters on Sunday afternoons. In these sessions, students work on mastering practical spoken Spanish in its cultural context. Our goal is to help you use the language strategically to acMedical Spanish Program Photocomplish objectives and resolve conflicts in culturally accurate circumstances using appropriate vocabulary. Class activities will help you to:

    • develop the ability to maintain a conversation, handle common situations in Spanish, and negotiate differences of opinion related to general life and medical situations
    • enhance your fluency
    • acquire confidence in using your Spanish with patients
    • expand your vocabulary
    • acquire information about life, problems and current trends in the Hispanic world
    • develop sensitivity to Hispanic traditions and customs 

    We offer weekly sessions each semester, beginning approximately one month after the start of the semester. Two sections are offered: one for intermediate proficiency and a second for high-intermediate/advanced proficiency. Participants need to commit to ongoing and engaged participation in the class in order to enroll. There is no fee for the program.

    This program is limited to UI medical students.

    If you are interested in this program, please email the Medical Global Health Programs office. We will announce the call for registration through email early each semester.