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  •  Cardiology Interest Group 

    The Cardiology Interest Group is a new group started by medical students to promote cardiology as a career. We highly encourage students with different interests to attend our meetings to become acquainted with the opportunities available in pursuing a career in cardiology and the various subspecialties associated with it. This club will provide you with opportunities to meet and make connections with clinical and research faculty for observorships and research projects that will be helpful in your professional development as an aspiring physician. Below is a list of some of the opportunities we offer:

    Community Health Clinic 

    It is always important to give back to the community through service and CIG will be collaborating with local clinics in Iowa City to help the underserved. This is an excellent opportunity to help others in our community as well as learn basic clinical skills.

    Faculty Luncheons 

    Making professional contacts through faculty networking is an important step in the development of the aspiring physician. In addition to free food, CIG will provide you with excellent networking opportunities through relaxing faculty luncheons where you will have the opportunity to get to meet faculty and ask any questions you may have about pursing a career in cardiology. We will also be hosting luncheons with guest faculty lectures on a variety of topics ranging from research to professional development.

    Clinical Opportunities 

    The faculty of the Cardiovascular Medicine Department is very receptive to having students coming into the operating room or the clinic to observe them work with patients. This provides many excellent opportunities for medical students to gain a better understanding of the cardiology specialty, learn new skills for working with patients, and make important professional contacts.

    Research Opportunities 

    The University of Iowa offers many opportunities in both clinical and basic science cardiovascular research that will be helpful in your professional development as you prepare for landing top residencies, especially competitive specialties like cardiology. CIG will help medical students pursue their research interests by generating a database of faculty who have exciting research projects available. In addition, CIG will be providing a list of weekly research seminars that will be available for interested students to attend.