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  • About the Program

    The University of Iowa Roy. J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine educates tomorrow's physicians in a rigorous but supportive environment.  We encourage students to embrace humanism, scientific rigor, and formal instruction so that they can be not only excellent doctors but also the doctors we would like our own loved ones to see in times of need.  We also know that the education of a physician never ends, and so we develop in our students the abilities and desire to be life-long learners in a domain for which knowledge grows exponentially over time. 

    “We do all this by admitting students that will thrive in this academic environment; teaching from a medical curriculum that provides the best didactic and practical learning experiences possible; providing opportunities for students to experience the world through research, service, travel and the humanities; and supporting students throughout the learning process.”

  • The New Horizons Curriculum, Part 1

    The New Horizons Curriculum, Part 2

  • We Honor Individuality

    What makes our students who they are? Their interests, among other things. There's a tendency in med school to bury oneself in the science, but there's more to us than that. Our distinction tracks allow students to honor their other interests, too. Distinction tracks are available in Research, Global Health, Humanities, Service, and Teaching.

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