Office of Information Technology Service Catalog

Academic & Professional Record (APR)

A note from the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development

The Academic Professional Record (APR) is an electronic CV database that was introduced campus wide last year. Having faculty data in a flexible database will facilitate a variety of administrative and academic processes including promotions, web site updates, and specialized reports (e.g., publications, research and clinical interests, etc.). The APR will, of course, allow us to generate a CV in college format whenever it is required.

APR is a huge undertaking up front, but the long-term payoff in increased productivity and time-savings for individual faculty members and staff, academic departments, colleges, and the University is tremendous. In addition to helping us with internal data needs, it will allow us for the first time to respond efficiently, effectively, and comprehensively to the myriad of external data requests we receive from funders, professional organizations, accrediting bodies, legislators, the Board of Regents, the press, and others. Right now thousands of hours are spent by faculty and staff across the University every year searching for and then compiling and organizing information about faculty activities for various purposes. This process is usually ad hoc, incomplete, and not well-maintained.

APR will allow us to respond to these requests in a small fraction of the time with far better and more complete data.
Many very valuable endeavors take a lot of work up front. We did significant research before choosing APR as our software for this project and the decision to go forward was made only after consulting with many other schools about the value of the product. Over 2,000 academic units across the country now use the product. One way or another we were going to need faculty activities in a centralized electronic format to respond effectively to the growing number of internal and external data demands. APR is the best tool we identified to meet this need.