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Academic Professional Record (APR) Data Entry FAQ

How can I add a new faculty member?

Email a request to add a new faculty member to Please include the faculty member's name, department and start date.

How can I check spelling of the data I'm entering?

Spell-check is not available at this time. We have made the vendor aware that we are interested in having this added.

How do I get to the APR?

  • Go to
  • Log in
  • Click on the "Personal" tab
  • Academic & Professional Record (APR) is on the bottom of the "General" section.

Do the faculty know about the APR?

CCOM has not shared this with faculty. We will work with departments on how best to communicate with their faculty.

How will the data be used?

CCOM will be using the data in the CCOM CV template and for the faculty profiles on CCOM websites.

Can the faculty edit their information?

Yes, faculty can get to the APR through HR Self Service and edit their profile.

Will the APR CV become the CCOM standard?


I don't see the Academic & Professional Record (APR) link in self service (HRIS).

Email a note to Please include your hawkid.

How do I print a CV from within the APR?

See instructions here.

I don't see the Rapid Reports Tab.

You only see it when you are "managing" someone. It shows up on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

I see faculty that are not primary in our department. What do I do with these?

You are responsible for entering data for faculty who are primary to your department of who have a primary appointment outside the Carver College of Medicine and you would like them to show up on your CCOM department website.

Why don't we share data with other colleges?

Unfortunately, when the system was set up several years ago, the decision was made to keep each college separate. So, each college was set up with separate screens, reports, and databases within the Digital Measures system that do not talk to one another. There are plans to review this and start looking at a more centralized approach.

We have a faculty member who is retiring in the next six months to year. Do we need to enter their CV?

No, you do not need to add their information to the APR.

Pulling Data from PubMed

How do I load citations from Pub Med?

See instructions here.

Watch the pages field.
When people are preparing Excel spreadsheets with PubMed (or EndNote) data to send for import, they need to check the pages field because EXCEL tries to detect the data type and will convert some page numbers to dates (generally any article where the first page is 12 or less). This happens with PubMed, EndNote or just plain hand entering it. {In your pdf about Loading journal citations from PubMed, at the end you say that “Sometimes information ends up in the wrong column (i.e. when I did Abboud F there are some dates in the pages field).” This confused us for a little while because we were seeing article published in April of 1968 coming out with “31 Jan” in the Page field. Actually what happened was that pages 1-31 got translated by Excel to January 31, so basically, and citation where the first page is less than 13 is going to end up as a date. They need to change this to a text field rather than a number or date field to keep Excel from making stupid assumptions.}

Pages 3-5 get translated to 3 March
Pages 10-15 get translated to 15 October

Watch for special characters.
We have seen some garbled information when EXCEL tries to interpret special characters. We seen it happen in the Title as well as with Author’s names. You can type or paste in the correct information.

Where should we put the three new fields (hawkid, pub-type, peer-reviewed)?

I would put them at the beginning. (i.e. columns A,B,C)

Personal and Contact Information

When putting a URL into the APR do we put the http// or not?

Do not include the http://

Teaching Assignments

What is included in "Time Spent?"

"Time Spent" is the number of contact hours.

Student Supervision

Who do we consider "Summer Scholars?"

"Summer Scholars could include high school students, graduate students, faculty, or anyone who comes for the summer.

When a faculty member has a graduate student in their lab, should the student be listed in three places? Graduate Student, Comps Committee, and Thesis Committee?

Yes, the student should be listed in each area.

Is it okay to enter a date range and then specific dates in the comments?

In some cases, there is a gap between times a student is supervised (e.g. Summer 2009 and Summer 2010). If entered as a range, its not really accurate. If dates/years are entered elsewhere, the left column in that section of the cv is blank.


How should we enter abstracts?

Abstracts should be entered as publications. Subsequent presentations and/or posters can be listed in the "Describe Role" field.

How do we load citations from PubMed?

See detailed instructions here.

Can we load citations from EndNote?

Yes. Instructions for this will be posted shortly.

We have someone who wants to be recognized on their CV for their contribution to a work that eventually became a book chapter. However, they were not listed as one of the authors, so we're not sure where, if anywhere, this should go.

If they are not listed as an author, they should not include it.

Does the APR support CV annotation; meaning the faculty's role?

Yes, annotation can be entered into the "Describe Role" field.

Does the APR support CV annotation; meaning the faculty's role? Can this be included in the "Run Report" or printed version?

Yes, please use the "Describe Role/Annotation" field on the Publications screen. This field will be added to the CV.

When putting a URL into the APR, do we put the http:// or not?

Do not include the http://


Do we need to enter all the grants?

Full professors could have last five year's. Everyone else should include all grants.

Where should VA grant costs be entered?

VA grants go into "Direct Costs."

Some "Type" Notes:

  • CCOM->University of Iowa
  • VA->Federal
  • Foundation->Private