Office of Information Technology Service Catalog

Academic & Professional Record (APR)

Notes- April 23, 2013

  •  Students have been leaving out a lot of data on CVs they’re helping me with
  • A 1:1 match is ideal w/students, as often placement options between CVs & APR aren’t clear
  • We have no clear direction where everything goes; doing duplicate work
  • When will we get guidelines from OFAD/Geist about placement of info?
  • Do you (Suzanne) want help creating guidelines/documents?
  • How long do we have to keep hardcopy CVs and online entry running simultaneously? We’re doing twice the work, as we can’t rely on APR, nor see/print everything entered.
  • PubMed not matching CV. Are people aware they need to double-check info for accuracy?
  • RE changes made to APR in Student Supervision section: one person asked that Medical Students be added as a new selection category.
  • Question about backups and can they revert to old data?
  • Problems with web profiles and information not showing up.
  • Discussion occurred regarding Employment and Publications “Yes” and “No” fields.
  • One person suggested having a third option (e.g. “Priority”)
  • Personal Contact information is confusing and doesn’t follow a CV template.
  • Abstracts need to be clearer.
  • For dates…is just the year still okay? (Yes, just year is fine for most dates)
  • As a whole, the audience liked the red indicators in your demo showing what would show on a CV or the Web. (Will be working with Digital Measures to identify which fields show on the CV and/or Web profiles.)

During the wrap up, folks shared that they liked the group input/interaction this large group offers. They appreciated the idea of creating a listserve or email of any changes made to the system going forward. They said a “What’s next” or timeline would be beneficial. They liked the sound of monthly general meetings, and then small focused subgroups with an open invitation as needed.

Slides- April 23,2013

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