• Center for Functional Genomics of Hypertension

    About the Center

    The Center on Functional Genomics of Hypertension (CFGH) is a research center affiliated with the Cardiovascular Center and has as its primary goal the advancement of research in hypertension and related diseases including obesity-associated hypertension. The CFGH was founded in 1995 to facilitate the use of molecular, genomic and genetic techniques in hypertension research and to attract outstanding trainees and faculty in this area to the University of Iowa. Members of the CFGH include Drs. Curt Sigmund (Director), Allyn Mark, Kamal Rahmouni, Anne Kwitek, Val Sheffield, Alan (Kim) Johnson, Martin Cassell and Baoli Yang, representing seven departments in two colleges.

    On June 1, 2007, the CFGH was awarded a five-year $10.1 million Program Project Grant (PPG) entitled "Genetic and Signaling Mechanisms in the Central Regulation of Blood Pressure" to identify mechanisms causing hypertension and hypertension associated with obesity.

    Major research projects being pursued in the CFGH include:

    1. Functional Significance of a Novel Intracellular Renin in the Brain
    2. Leptin Receptor Signaling and Regulation of Sympathetic and Cardiovascular Functions
    3. Mechanisms of Hypertension and Obesity in Mouse Models of a Human Obesity Syndrome

    Contact Information

    Curt D. Sigmund, Ph.D.