Iowa Institute of Human Genetics

  • Sanger Sequencing

    The IIHG Genomics Division houses the Applied Biosystems Model 3730 (48-capillary) and Model 3730xl (96-capillary) DNA Sequencers. Sequencing can be performed on single-stranded, double-stranded or PCR-generated templates.

    Users must first set up an on-line profile and account with the IIHG Genomics Division (formerly known as the DNA Facility). Once an account has been established, Sanger sequencing requests should be made through the on-line ordering system.

    Details regarding sample submission can be found here. The user should print their requests and bring the completed request form along with the samples to the division.

    Users will receive email notification when their DNA sequencing results are ready (usually 24 to 48 hours). The email will contain a link to the sequencing results that can be downloaded via a web browser through our website. Access to the data files is password protected. You may create or look at your account using the on-line ordering system:

    Log on to online DNA sequencing request site