Iowa Institute of Human Genetics

  • Genome Sequencing

    The IIHG Genomics Division provides genomic or massively parallel DNA sequencing using the Illumina and Ion Torrent platforms. A custom LIMS facilitates sample management throughout the workflow. Users receive all information regarding sample preparation along with sequencing results. All data are backed up and archived. A powerful computer cluster supports data analysis. Members of the IIHG Bioinformatics Division perform a preliminary analysis (e.g., assembly, alignment, etc.) on all runs.

    The applications supported by the division include:

    • Custom and whole exome sequence target capture
    • RNA-Seq (quantification of transcript, i.e., expression analysis)
    • smRNA discovery and quantification
    • DNA-Seq (Resequencing)
    • ChIP-Seq
    • Methyl-Seq
    • De novo Sequencing