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  • Careers in Human Genetics Information Day

    Kevin Knudtson with Students during Career Day

    The Iowa Institute of Human Genetics (IIHG) holds Careers in Human Genetics Information Days to expose students interested in learning more about career opportunities in genetics. This opportunity is a great way for students to discuss first hand different careers in genetics and ask questions in a small group setting. During the session, students may meet with a core lab director, bioinformatician, genetic counselor, research scientist, lab manager/lab compliance director, medical geneticist, and molecular geneticists. Discussions will include the education and training required for each position, and descriptions of the daily activities for each position.

    Who should attend?

    High school students, undergraduate students, recent graduates, or teachers wishing to learn more about careers in human genetics. If your group is larger than 10 students please contact the

    When are these sessions offered?

    These programs are usually offered four times a year. Please contact for additional details and availability. 2016-2017 Session dates include:

    • Fall, 2016 (Intended for undergraduates and recent graduates) - November 11, 2016
    • Spring, 2017 (Intended for high school students.) - TBA April 2017
    • Summer, 2017 (Open to all students and recent graduates.) - TBA June 2017

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    What is the typical schedule?

    Schedules include discussions with discussions with a variety of IIHG staff from different disciplines within the genetics field as well as facility tours.

    Where is the event located?

    The Iowa Institute of Human Genetics is located on the campus of the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Students will be provided location details upon registration.

    How do I sign up?

    If you or your students are interested in attending, we encourage you to register online using the link below. Please send any questions you may have to

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    Further Information

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    • Students should have covered genetics in one of their classes prior to attending the event.
    • The event is an information session with small group discussion.
    • The event does not include any hands-on activities. Due to CLIA policies, we are not allowed to have students use our lab equipment. Participants will receive tours of laboratory spaces.
    • Event discussions will focus on various careers in human genetics, how professionals from those disciplines work as a team, and the paths the professionals took to get to their current positions.
    • We do not discuss undergraduate or graduate school admissions requirements during the event, but are happy to provide you contact information for specific programs upon request.
    • Three days before the event, we will send a final schedule along with event and location details and a photo consent form.
    • Participants should eat before coming to campus.
    • Please note, we encourage participants to wear comfortable shoes, as they will do some walking through our academic medical center. If possible, leave bulky coats and bags at home or in the bus during the visit. We do not have a place to store these items during the tours, so students will have to carry them around campus if they choose to bring them.
    • This event does not include a full campus tour.
    • All consent forms are required upon arrival, lack of a consent form may result in ineligibility to participate in the event.

    Parking and Directions

    We are not able to provide transportation for participants.

    If you are bringing a smaller vehicle, you may park across the street in the Newton Road Parking Ramp. Please note this is a parking ramp with an hourly fee. We cannot validate or provide parking passes. The hourly rate is $0.90 for the first hour and $1.20 for each additional hour to a daily maximum of $20. A lost ticket cost is $20. Ramp parking may be paid by cash, check, credit or debit card. Do not park in the meters across the street from the Medical Education and Research Facility (MERF), as those meters do not allow you to park for several hours and you will be ticketed. We cannot reimburse you or pay for any tickets that you may receive while at the parking meters.

    There is a bus stop just outside the northwest entrance of the Medical Education and Research Facility where the bus can drop off students.

    Bus Parking

    If you will be driving either a school or a charter bus, you may only park at the Hancher Auditorium parking lot. Bus parking is limited due to the ongoing campus building and renovation projects. If you are unable to find adequate parking in the Hancher Lot, please park in the Upper City Park Circle, located off Park Road. Drivers of school or chartered buses must stay with the bus at all times.

    Directions to the Hancher Auditorium Parking Lot

    Take Newton Road east to South Riverside Drive. Turn north (left) onto South Riverside Drive. Get in the right lane and follow South Riverside Drive as it veers to the right. Hancher Parking Lot will be ahead on your right.

    Late Arrivals

    If your group or individuals in your group are more than 15 minutes late to arrive, they will likely miss the first experience and it will be extremely difficult to connect the late students with the group since the group visits various locations. UI Health Care does not have additional staff resources available to help latecomers, so it is imperative that the group leaders and group members plan ahead prior to their visit. Please allow an extra 15 minutes to arrive on campus, park, and find the meeting location.

    Appropriate Clothing

    We encourage participants to wear comfortable shoes, as they will do some walking through our academic medical center. Visitors should wear appropriate attire. Baseball hats, flip-flops, ripped or torn jeans and clothing showing the mid-drift area are not allowed.

    If possible, please leave bulky coats and bags at home or in the bus during the visit. We do not have a place to store these items during the tour, so students will have to carry them around campus if they choose to bring them.

    Policies and Procedures for your visit to UI Health Care

    Our IIHG education programs are offered free of charge to student groups. However, there are times that we have limited staff and physical resources available and therefore, your experience may differ from other groups or what may be described in the program description based on availability of these resources. Please review all policies and procedures below before requesting your visit.

    Please note: Participants will not interact with patients or enter into patient areas as part of this program. No exceptions.

    Group Requirements

    Groups are limited to no more than 20 students; groups of 10 or more students must have at least 2 adults chaperones. UI outreach education and staff are not considered chaperones.

    Student groups can range in age, however, we strongly encourage groups of similar age to visit at a given time.

    Groups must find their own transportation to campus and pay for their own parking. We cannot reimburse students, teachers, chaperones or drivers for any parking tickets they may incur while illegally parked on campus.

    Students are strongly encouraged to ask questions and actively participate at all sites. It is helpful in preparing for the visit to have students write down 3-4 questions they would like to ask during their visit.

    Consent Forms

    Consent forms are required and must be completed upon arrival on the health sciences campus by all who wish to participate in our educational experiences. Failure to submit consent forms by individual students may result in limited participation in the educational experiences.

    Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires an accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact the IIHG in advance at (319) 335-3578 or