John Harty Laboratory

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    New Carts
    New Carts!
    Group Toast at Bram's Party
    Toast at Bram's going away party 3/2015
    Drs. Harty and Slutter   Bram and Lecia
    Bram's last week in the lab 3/2015
    Katherine Research Meeting
    Research in progress meeting, with extra pizza 10/2014
    Best Bay
    The Best Bay in the Lab 5/2013
    Undergrad Graduation Party
    Undergraduate's Graduation Lunch 5/2013
    AAI Hawaii 2013
    Immunology 2013™ AAI Centenial Annual Meeting in Hawaii
    Noah's Going Away Party, 6/2012
    Joint Badovinac/Harty Holiday Party, 1/2012
    Simram Banga, Postdoctoral Fellow
    Simran Banga, Ph.D. 2012