FUTURE in Biomedicine

  • Research Symposium

    8th Annual FUTURE in Biomedicine Program
    Research Symposium
    Friday, July 29, 2016
    1:00-5:00 pm
    Urmila Sahai Seminar Room (2117), Medical Education Research Facility


    Schedule of Events

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    1:00 pm - Introductory Remarks - Madeline A. Shea, Ph.D.

    1:10 pm - Daniel Jung, PhD - Briar Cliff University, Sioux City
    Respiratory syncytial virus interaction with human macrophages

    UI Faculty Host: Steve Varga, Microbiology

    1:30 pm - Melanie Hauser, PhD - Buena Vista University, Storm Lake
    Investigation of enhanced monomeric binding of four selected DNA sequences by the glucocorticoid receptor
    UI Faculty Host: Miles Pufall, Biochemistry

    1:50 pm - Maria Dean, PhD - Coe College, Cedar Rapids
    Is Blue Native PAGE an Effective Way to Study HCN1 Assembly?
    UI Faculty Host: Sheila Baker, Biochemistry

    2:10 pm - David Lo, PhD - Coe College, Cedar Rapids
    mTORC1 and NF Kappa B signaling: Implications for cardiovascular and metabolic regulation

    UI Faculty Host: Kamal Rahmouni, Pharmacology 

    2:30 pm - Poster Presentations by Undergraduate Researchers and Better Futures for Iowans Awardees

    3:30 pm - Heriberto Hernandez, PhD - Grinnell College, Grinnell
    Force Field Parameterization for Polarizable Model of Organobromine Compounds Based on Ab Initio Data
    UI Faculty Host: Michael Schnieders, Biochemistry

    3:50 pm - Nilda Rodriguez, PhD - University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls
    Effects of testosterone in macrophages infected with Leishmania infantum
    UI Faculty Host: Mary Wilson, Internal Medicine

    4:10 pm - Marek Sliwinski, PhD - University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls
    Infection of human skin explants with a model Ebola virus
    UI Faculty Host: Al Klingelhutz, Microbiology

    4:30 pm - Douglas Brusich, PhD - Wartburg College, Waverly
    Design of methods for detection of nuclear actin following traumatic brain injury
    UI Faculty Host: Tina Tootle, Anatomy and Cell Biology

    4:50 pm - Closing Remarks - Madeline A. Shea, Ph.D., Director



    Poster Presentations by Class of 2016 Undergraduate Researchers and Better Futures for Iowans Awardees

    Briar Cliff University

    Kortney Johnson, Daniel Jung, Ph.D. (2016 Fellow)
    and Steve Varga, Ph.D. (UI Microbiology) and NSF REU Site: Microbiology at the University of Iowa
    Virus strain dependent inflammasome activation in macrophages infected with RSV

    Buena Vista University

    Cale Ewald, Melanie Hauser, Ph.D. (2016 Fellow)
    and Miles Pufall, Ph.D. (UI Biochemistry)
    Sequence determinants of monomeric versus dimeric glucocorticoid receptor binding

    Coe College

    Samantha Fitzgerald, Maria Dean, Ph.D. (2016 Fellow)
    and Sheila Baker, Ph.D. (UI Biochemistry)
    Investigating the Assembly of HCN1 Using Velocity Sedimentation

    Coe College

    Leah Brownlee, David Lo, Ph.D. (2016 Fellow)
    and Kamal Rahmouni, Ph.D. (UI Pharmacology)
    NF Kappa B activation is dependent on mTORC1 in neurons and endothelial cells

    University of Northern Iowa

    Kwame Boakye-Turkson, Marek Sliwinski, Ph.D. (2016 Fellow)
    and Al Klingelhutz, Ph.D. (UI Microbiology)
    A model of Ebola virus infection in human skin  

    University of Northern Iowa

    Elizabeth Turcotte, Nilda Rodriguez, Ph.D. (2016 Fellow)
    and Mary Wilson, M.D. (UI Internal Medicine)
    Testosterone and male susceptibility in Leishmania infantum infection

    Wartburg College

    Ashley Anderson, Douglas Brusich, Ph.D. (2016 Fellow)
    and Tina Tootle, Ph.D. (UI Anatomy and Cell Biology) 
    Analysis of nuclear actin regulators for outcomes following traumatic brain injury

    St. Mary-of-the-Woods College

    Sydney Wilderman, Theresa L. Gioannini Women-in-Science Fellow
    and Jerrold Weiss, Ph.D. (UI Internal Medicine)
    Improving the Characerization of Pro-Inflammatory Activity of Organic Dusts