Family Medicine

  • M4 Courses

    Courses for M4 Requirements:

    UI Sub-Internship in Family Medicine 115:405

     Student will function as an R1 on the UI Department of Family Medicine's in-patient service at the UIHC. Sub-intern will have responsibility for initial assessments including diagnosis and formulating a management strategy under the supervision of resident and attending physicians.

    Other Sub-Internships

    115:406 -- Iowa Lutheran Hospital, Des Moines
    115:415 -- Mercy/St. Lukes Hospitals, Cedar Rapids
    115:423 -- Allen and Covenant Hospitals, Waterloo
    115:429 -- St. Luke's Regional Medical Ctr., Sioux City
    115:430 -- Genesis Medical Center, Davenport



    Rural Preceptorship 115:411 - Students may select one of 75 rural Iowa preceptors, all board-certified family physicians, practicing in a community that is smaller than 10,000 and is not within 30 miles of a city of 10,000. Students consistently evaluate their experiences highly and report they were given significant responsibility and allowed to enjoy a high degree of autonomy.

    Community Preceptorship 115:404 - Students may select one of the Iowa community preceptors, board-certified family physicians, practicing in a community that is larger than 10,000. This course is also highly evaluated. Preceptors for this course and the Rural Preceptorship also teach the M3 required Family Medicine Preceptorship.

    Geriatric Elective 115:426 - Jointly offered by Family Medicine and Internal Medicine, this course is an intensive look at many aspects of care of the geriatric patient. Students participate in Geriatric Assessment Clinics, nurse home visits, and Geriatric Journal Club.


    UI Department of Family Medicine Clerkship 115:408 -- Students in this course spend the majority of their time in the UI Family Care Center - Family Practice Clinic. They may also see patients at other sites that are part of the UI CMS clinics, especially those in North Liberty, Lone Tree, and/or the East Iowa City FCC.

    Riverside Clerkship 115:403 -- Students will spend 4 weeks in the Riverside Clinic, with its rural, high proportion geriatric, and Latino patients as well as a wide range of other family medicine patients including maternity care. Some knowledge of Spanish is strongly recommended. Riverside is less than 15 miles from Iowa City.

    Primary Care Sports Medicine Elective 115:431 -- This is a four week elective outpatient rotation in Primary Care Sports Medicine designed for fourth year medical students. It will provide a comprehensive exposure to the practice of Primary Care Sports Medicine.

    Iowa FP Residency Programs Clerkships:

    115:401 -- Broadlawns Hospital, Des Moines
    115:407 -- Iowa Lutheran, Des Moines
    115:409 -- Mason City
    115:416 -- Cedar Rapids
    115:419 -- Davenport
    115:420 -- Sioux City
    115:424 -- Waterloo

    Other Electives:

    115:410 -- Independent Study
    115:999 -- Special Study Off Campus