Office of Faculty Affairs and Development

  • Dr. Ernest O. Theilen Clinical Teaching and Service Award


    The intent of this recognition award is to make it inclusive of the ideals that Dr. Theilen represented to all of us, which include:

    • Dedicated Physician — He provided consistently high quality care to all his patients. He provided care whether he was “on service” or not. The longevity of his commitment represented his lifelong commitment to patients as human beings.
    • Unselfish Advocate of the College of Medicine — He served on the Blue Shield Board, Compensation Committee, and University Hospital Advisory Committee advocating the service interests of his fellow physicians. He knew the power of negotiation and cooperative action of consensus, using his skills to benefit the whole institution.
    • Sensitive Representative of the University Hospital Health Team — He never failed to present the finest image of patient care and concern to those who sought his advice and direction whether they were patients or those influencing institutional policy. He honored the institution that trained him, provided his career opportunities, and gave health care when he needed it.
    • Honored Mentor — He encouraged the best in every student, resident, and fellow faculty colleague, bringing all persons together to work for the benefit of the patient.


    The purpose of the award is to honor Dr. Theilen for the qualities noted above and to annually acknowledge and encourage a clinical faculty member who exhibits similar qualities. We hope the award may stimulate future physicians to emulate Dr. Theilen’s devotion to patient care, teaching and service.


    The awardee shall be a faculty member who is an active clinician. The awardee shall not be a department chair or dean. The awardee shall be chosen by a clinical faculty committee (Theilen Award Committee) made up of one member each of the Departments of: OB/GYN, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Urology, Internal Medicine and Nursing. Committee members will be designated by the respective department heads and will not include department heads. The committee will review nominations solicited from the entire clinical faculty.

    Nominations will be by letter recounting the nominee’s qualifications and include a current curriculum vitae.  A second recommendation from a peer faculty person, either from the nominee's own department or an outside observer who can make a second "independent" assessment, is also required.

    At the time of nomination for the award, the nomination remains active for three annual cycles, that is for the initial year and two years following. Each year the nominator is asked if any updates are needed before the nominee is considered by the committee. After the three cycles, a new nomination is required and will remain active for three cycles, as before. The Urology representative shall chair the selection committee.

    Nominations will be accepted October 5, 2016 through November 18, 2016.  Send the nomination packet via email to or campus mail to Jane Holland, Office of Faculty Affairs and Development, 231 CMAB.  Please include your full name and email address.  With questions, contact Jane at or 335-9103.

    Dean's Office

    The Dean’s office will request the names of committee members from the respective departments each year. The Dean’s office will present the award to the recipient at the College of Medicine Faculty Awards Banquet.


    The awardee will receive a plaque indicating the name of the award and the recipient’s name. The awardee’s name will also be listed on the Theilen Plaque in the Alumni Auditorium. The awardee will receive a check for $1,000 from the Award fund. The Dr. Ernest O. Theilen Clinical Teaching and Service Award fund will be maintained in the University of Iowa Foundation under the direction of the Dean of the College of Medicine. The Award Committee will review the amount of the award every three years. There will be no changes in the use of the funds or the intent of the award without the written concurrence of the departments represented in the Theilen Award Committee.


    Year Name Department
    2015 Jonathan Klein Pediatrics
    2014 William John Sharp Surgery
    2013 Richard Kerber Internal Medicine
    2012  Donald Black Psychiatry
    2011  Gerald Clamon Internal Medicine
    2010 Harold Adams Neurology
    2009 Gerald Jogerst Family Medicine
    2008 Jane Engeldinger Obstetrics and Gynecology
    2007 Frank Mitros Pathology
    2006 Jerold Woodhead Pediatrics
    2005 Raymond Crowe Psychiatry
    2004 Robert Summers Internal Medicine
    2003 Stuart Weinstein Orthopaedics
    2002 Janet Schlechte Internal Medicine
    2001 Raymond Tannous Pediatrics
    2000 Frank Zlatnik Obstetrics and Gynecology
    1999 Charles Clark Orthopaedics
    1998 William Lawton Internal Medicine
    1997 William Bell Pediatrics
    1997 Donald Brown Internal Medicine
    1996 Robert Soper Surgery
    1995 Frederick Chapler Obstetrics and Gynecology
    1994 M. Paul Strottman Internal Medicine
    1993 Edward Mason Surgery
    1992 Hanjoerg Kolder Ophthalmology