Office of Faculty Affairs

  • Functions Mentors May Perform

    Mentors perform a multitude of functions for their mentees. Such functions may include:

    1. Providing training
    2. Stimulating the acquisition of knowledge
    3. Providing information about educational programs
    4. Providing emotional support and encouragement, or helping the mentee develop coping strategies during periods of turmoil
    5. Socializing the mentee regarding the role requirements, expectations, organizational imperatives and demands of academic medicine
    6. Creating an understanding of the academic bureaucracy, its strengths and weaknesses
    7. Inculcating, by example, a positive value system for a productive professional work ethic
    8. Providing, by example, informal instructions about demeanor, etiquette, collegiality, and day-to-day interpersonal relations
    9.  Assisting the mentee in building self-confidence, heightening self-esteem, and strengthening motivation to perform at their greatest potential