Young, Amy

Amy Guimaraes Young

Address: 1-400 BSB
Phone: (319) 335-7606

Mentor: Adam Dupuy, PhD

Undergraduate Institution: University of Notre Dame, BS

Year Entered Into Program: 2009 (MSTP) 2011 (PhD Program)


  • Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology
  • Medical Scientist Training Program

Research Description

I am researching the genetics of gynecological cancers. Currently I am exploring the role of Sox17 in contributing to the increased glandular phenotype observed in endometrial cancer. Research in our lab to date suggests this transcription factor is also involved in normal glandular development in the uterus. I am also conducting a forward genetic screen. Population data indicate that obesity, menopause, and hormone replacement therapy are risk factors for the development of endometrial cancer. i am exposing a cohort of mice to these factors and collecting mutational data using insertional mutagenesis.


  • NIH T32 Medical Scientist Training Program Training Grant, Univ of Iowa, 2009-2011