Stead Family Department of Pediatrics

Joel Shilyansky, MD


Robert and Hélène Soper Chair of Pediatric Surgery
Professor of Surgery  - Pediatric Surgery
Professor of Pediatrics  - Pediatric Surgery

Contact Information

Primary Office: 2967 JPP
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-356-1766



Biology, University of Michigan
BS, Biology, University of California at Los Angeles
MD, University of California at Los Angeles

Internship, Surgery, University of Michigan Medical Center
Residency, General Surgery, University of Michigan Medical Center
Fellowship, NIH Staff Fellow in Surgical Oncology, Surgery Branch, National Cancer Institute NIH
Residency, General Surgery Residency, University of Michigan Medical Center
Chief Resident, Chief Residency , University of Michigan Chief Residency Medical Center
Fellowship, Pediatric Surgery, University of Toronto Hospital for Sick Children

Licensure and Certifications

Certified, Advanced Trauma Life Support
Iowa Medical License
Illinois Medical License
Board Certified, Pediatric Surgery, American Board of Surgery
Board Certified, General Surgery, American Board of Surgery

Research Summary

Dr. Shilyansky studies the immune response in pediatric cancer patients. Specifically the mechanism allowing cancers to avoid immune destruction are being addressed. By understanding these mechanisms vaccines that can induce anti-cancer immunity and lead to cancer regression may be developed. Dendritic cells, white blood cells that regulate the immune response, are critically important for effective anti-tumor responses. Cancer cells appear adept at inhibiting dendritic cells. Recent studies in the laboratory examined phosphatidylserine as a mechanism for inhibiting dendritic cells and for evading tumor immunity. Phosphatidylserine is a membrane phospholipid that is normally restricted to the inner surface of the cell membrane (envelope) and is exposed on the cell surface during programmed cell death (apoptosis). However, live cancer cells can express phosphatidylserine on the cell surface. Dr. Shilyansky's laboratory has demonstrated that tumor phosphatidylserine inhibits human peripheral blood derived dendritic cells. Phosphatidylserine appear to interfere with NF-kappaB and p38 MAPK activation, signaling events required for dendritic cell maturation and function. Recent work has concentrated on the in vivo mechanisms by which phosphatidylserine affects tumor immunity. Additional studies in Dr. Shilyansky's laboratory relate to cancer vaccine development and effects of ligating CD40, a critical receptor on antigen presenting cells, in tumor immunity.

Selected Publications

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Shilyansky J, Masadeh  M, Petersen  J, Krein  , Bauer  M, Phearman  L, Liao  J, Pitcher  G.  Outcome of antegrade continent enema (ACE) procedures in children and young adults.  J Ped Surg.  2013. 48(10):2128-2133.

Shilyansky J, Masadeh  M, Yin  C.  Annexin V inhibits CMS5 fibrosarcoma growth by blocking phosphatidylserine.  2012 May. 

Shilyansky J, Yan  X, Doffek  K, Yin  , Krein  M, Phillips  , Sugg  S, Johnson  B.  Annexin-V promotes anti-tumor immunity and inhibits neuroblastoma growth in vivo.  2012 April 5. 

Shilyansky J, O'Malley  Y, Weigel  , Lal  , Komorowski  R, Howe  .  Invasion in Follicular Thyroid Cancer (FTC) Cell Lines is Mediated by EphA2 and pAkt.  2012 April. 

Shilyansky J, Orion  K, Krein  M, Liao  J, Shaaban  A, Pitcher  G.  Outcomes of plastic closure in gastroschisis.  2011 August. 150(2):177-85.

Shilyansky J, Doffek  K, Chen  X, Sugg  S.  Phosphatidylserine inhibits NFkB and p38 MAPK activation in human monocyte derived dendritic cells.  2011 May 31. 48(15-16):1771-1777.

Shilyansky J, Ostedgaard  L, Meyerholz  D, Chen  J, Pezzulo  A, Hanfland  R, Reznikov  L, Hornick  E, Rector  , Ludwig  P, Rogan  M, Dohrn  C, Davis  G, Rokhlina  , Nassar  P, Samuel  S, Taft  , McCray  P, Karp  , Richter  S, Uc  A, Stoltz  D, Welsh  M, Zabner  J, Prather  P, Ernst  .  The F508 mutation causes CFTR misprocessing and cystic fibrosis-like disease in pigs.  Si Transl Med .  2011 March 16. 3(74):74ra24.

Shilyansky J, Orion  K, Krein  M, Liao  J, Shaaban  , Pitcher  A.  Outcomes of plastic closure of abdominal wall defects in gastroschisis.  2011 February. 

Shilyansky J.  Pediatric Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication.  Springer.  2011. 

Shilyansky J, Pitcher  A, Shaaban  A, Liao  J, Krein  M, Orion  K.  Plastic closure in gastroschisis.  2010 August. 

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