Michael W. Duffel, BS, PhD


Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs, College of Pharmacy
Professor of Medicinal & Natural Products Chemistry

Contact Information

Office: S325 PHAR
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-335-840

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BS, Chemistry, University of Texas-Austin
PhD, Biochemistry, University of Texas

Education/Training Program Affiliations

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Human Toxicology

Research Summary

Dr. Duffel's research interests concern the biochemistry of enzymes involved in mammalian conversion of drugs to reactive metabolites that mediate toxic and therapeutic effects. His current research includes studies on the specificity, mechanisms, and regulation of sulfotrans-ferases that are involved in drug metabolism and chemical carcinogenesis.

Selected Publications

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Grimm F, Hu D, Kania-Korwel I, Lehmler H, Ludewig G, Hornbuckle K, Duffel M, Bergman Å, Robertson L.  Metabolism and metabolites of polychlorinated biphenyls.  Critical reviews in toxicology.  2015 March 1. 45(3):245-72.

Grimm F, Lehmler H, He X, Robertson L, Duffel M.  Modulating inhibitors of transthyretin fibrillogenesis via sulfation: polychlorinated biphenyl sulfates as models.  Chemico-biological interactions.  2015 February 25. 228:1-8.

Squirewell E, Qin X, Duffel M.  Endoxifen and other metabolites of tamoxifen inhibit human hydroxysteroid sulfotransferase 2A1 (hSULT2A1).  Drug metabolism and disposition: the biological fate of chemicals.  2014 November 1. 42(11):1843-50.

Ekuase E, Lehmler H, Robertson L, Duffel M.  Binding Interactions of Hydroxylated Polychlorinated Biphenyls (OHPCBs) with Human Hydroxysteroid Sulfotransferase hSULT2A1.  Chemico-Biological Interactions.  2014. 212:56-64.

Qin X, Lehmler H, Teesch L, Robertson L, Duffel M.  Chlorinated Biphenyl Quinones and Phenyl-2,5-benzoquinone Differentially Modify the Catalytic Activity of Human Hydroxysteroid Sulfotransferase hSULT2A1.  Chemical Research in Toxicology.  2013. 26:1474-1485.

Lehmler H, He X, Li X, Duffel M, Parkin S.  Effective Synthesis of Sulfate Metabolites of Chlorinated Phenols.  Chemospere.  2013. 93:1965-1971.

Wu X, Kania-Korwel I, Chen H, Stamou M, Dammanahalli K, Duffel M, Lein P, Lehmler H.  Metabolism of 2,2',3,3',6,6'-Hexachlorobiphenyl (PCB 136) Atropisomers in Tissue Slices from Phenobarbital or Dexamethasone-Induced Rats is Sex-Dependent.  Xenobiotica.  2013. 43:933-947.

Qin X, Teesch L, Duffel M.  Modification of the Catalytic Function of Human Hydroxysteroid Sulfotransferase hSULT2A1 by Formation of Disulfide Bonds.  Drug Metabolism and Dispostion.  2013. 41:1094-1103.

Wu X, Duffel M, Lehmler H.  Oxidation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls by Liver Tissue Slices from Phenobarbital-pretreated Mice is Congener-specific and Atropselective.  Chemical Research in Toxicology.  2013. 26:1642-1651.

Grimm F, Lehmler H, He X, Robertson L, Duffel M.  Sulfated Metabolites of Polychlorinated Biphenyls are High-Affinity Ligands for the Thyroid Hormone Transport Protein Transthyretin.  Environmental Health Perspectives.  2013. 121:657-662.

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