Shizhong Han, PhD


Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Contact Information

Office: 22G General Hospital
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: 319-353-8773

Web: Shizhong Han Laboratory, Molecular Psychiatry Division


BS, Biochemistry, Yantai University
PhD, Genetics, Fudan University

Research Summary

My research aims to dissect the genetic components of psychiatric disorders using cutting-edge genomic technologies, advanced statistical genetic methods and multidisciplinary approaches. In addition to gene mapping efforts for psychiatric disorders, I am also interested in developing novel statistical methods and computational tools to meet the challenges arising from big data. Specifically, my research interests include genetic study of neuroimaging-based endophenotypes to enhance the gene discovery of psychiatric disorders, using prior information (e.g., linkage evidence, gene expression studies, functional annotations, etc.) to boost the power of next-generation genetic studies, and system genetic approaches that integrate multiple layers of molecular data, such as genetic/epigenetic variations, gene expressions, and protein levels—all in a high-throughput manner. I am also interested in gene mapping studies in diverse populations, such as African-Americans, for admixture mapping or trans-racial mapping, and isolated populations for mapping rare risk variants.

Selected Publications

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Han S, Gelernter J, Kranzler H, Yang B.  Ordered subset linkage analysis based on admixture proportion identifies new linkage evidence for alcohol dependence in African-Americans..  Human genetics.  2013 April. 132(4):397-403.

Han S, Yang B, Kranzler H, Liu X, Zhao H, Farrer L, Boerwinkle E, Potash J, Gelernter J.  Integrating GWAS and human protein interaction networks identifies a gene subnetwork underlying alcohol dependence.  The American Journal of Human Genetics.  2013. 6:1027-34.

Liu X, Han S, Wang Z, Gelernter J, Yang B.  Variant callers for next-generation sequencing data: a comparison study.  PLOS ONE.  2013. 9.

Molineros J, Maiti A, Sun C, Looger L, Han S, Kim-Howard X, Glenn S, Adler A, Kelly J, Niewold T, Gilkeson G, Brown E, Alarcón G, Edberg J, Petri M, Ramsey-Goldman R, Reveille J, Vilá L, Freedman B, Tsao B, Criswell L, Jacob C, Vyse T, Langefeld C, Guthridge J, Gaffney P, Moser K, Scofield H, Alarcón-Riquelme M, Williams S, Merrill J, James J, Kaufman K, Kimberly R, Harley J, Nath S.  Admixture Mapping in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Identifies Multiple Common Functional Variants within IFIH1 Associated with Apoptosis, Inflammation and Autoantibody Production.  PLoS Genet.  2012 December. 

Han S, Yang B, Kranzler H, Gelernter J.  Genomewide ordered subset linkage analysis for alcohol dependence in African-Americans.  Hum Genet.  2012 December. 

Han S, Yang B, Kranzler H, Oslin D, Anton R, Farrer L, Gelernter J.  Linkage analysis followed by association show NRG1 associated with cannabis dependence in African Americans..  Biological psychiatry.  2012 October. 72(8):637-44.

Han S, Yang B, Kranzler H, Oslin D, Anton R, Farrer L, Gelernter J.  Linkage analysis followed by association show NRG1 associated with cannabis dependence in African-Americans.  Biol Psychiatry.  2012 October. 72(8):637-44.

Ma L, Han S, Yang J, Da Y.  Multi-locus test conditional on confirmed effects leads to increased power in genome-wide association studies.  PLoS One.  2011 November. 5(11).

Han S, Yang B, Kranzler H, Oslin D, Anton R, Gelernter J.  Association of CHRNA4 polymorphisms with smoking behavior in two populations.  Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet.  2011 June. 156B(4):421-9.

Saccone N, Culverhouse R, Schwantes-An T, Cannon D, Chen X, Cichon S, Giegling I, Han S, Han Y, Keskitalo-Vuokko K, Kong X, Landi M, Ma J, Short S, Stephens S, Stevens V, Sun L, Wang Y, Wenzlaff A, Aggen S, Breslau N, Broderick P, Chatterjee N, Chen J, Heath A, Heliövaara M, Hoft N, Hunter D, Jensen M, Martin N, Montgomery G, Niu T, Payne T, Peltonen L, Pergadia M, Rice J, Sherva R, Spitz M, Sun J, Wang J, Weiss R, Wheeler W, Witt S, Yang B, Caporaso N, Ehringer M, Eisen T, Gapstur S, Gelernter J, Houlston R, Kaprio J, Kendler K, Kraft P, Leppert M, Li M, Madden P, Nöthen M, Pallai S, Rietschel M, Rujescu D, Schwartz A, Amos C, Bierut L.  Multiple independent loci at chromosome 15q25.1 affect smoking quantity: a meta-analysis and comparison with lung cancer and COPD.  PLoS Genet.  2010 August. 6(8).

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